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Simplify Your Day: 5 Easy Daily Tasks for Better Organization

Updated: Feb 4

Essence of Organizing LLC, Home Organizing, Business Organiznig
Essence of Organizing, LLC. Home Organizing, Business Organizing

Hello everyone, I'm Kemart from Essence of Organizing. I have exciting news to share with you all - we have launched our BLOG! My amazing wife, Essence and I have been thinking of ways to provide more value to our clients, and we thought starting a blog on our website would be a great idea. Through our blog, we will share our experiences, insights, and useful tips to help you get and stay organized in your daily life. As professional organizers, we face many of the same challenges that life throws at you, so we want to give you an inside look into our daily routine by sharing some of our tidying and decluttering tasks that make a big difference in our home, so stay tuned!

1. Make the bed: Making the bed every morning is a quick and easy way to start the day off on the right foot. It can also make the entire space look calmer and more organized.

2. Deal with the mail: When you bring in the mail, deal with it right away. Set up a mail station equipped with an inbox to keep needed mail, and a trashcan and a shredder to get rid of junk mail properly.

3. Do the dishes: Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight. If it is dishwasher-safe load it immediately after use. At the end of the day, the dishwasher would be loaded and ready and the sink would be nearly empty.

4. Put it back: If it has a place, put it back in its place. We make it a habit to always return things to their proper location and our home is always neat and organized because of this simple rule.

A neat and organized playroom.
Putting things back in their place keeps a room well organized and neat.

5. Get the whole family involve: Set clear and reasonable goals for the family as a whole when it comes to getting and staying organized. A family that organizes together, live well together, in theory at least.

A family working together.
Get the whole family involve in organizing and cleaning.

We are Essence of Organizing, and we are here to help you get and stay organized!

Essence and Kemart at the Container Store.
Essence and Kemart Grey and We are Essence of Organizing!

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