Organized Desk

"Very Professional"

Very professional and easy to work with. Accomplished even the smallest detail I asked. Took years of hoarding and turned it into the best organizational system I could have asked for. This is something I can continue to use for the rest of my life. I am 100% satisfied and would recommend.

Client- Hampstead, North Carolina

"Essence was a lifesaver"

I was in a tight crunch, had to move pretty quickly from my apartment but had no clue how I was going to organize and pack up all my items... and I had to do it all virtually. Essence was a lifesaver in terms of answering all my questions, being incredibly responsive during the entire process and super professional every step of the way. There were days that I never thought I'd need this kind of service but having an expert who knows what they're doing and gets it done quickly and efficiently was the biggest relief.

Chatel- Charlotte, North Carolina

"Highly recommended"

Essence of Organizing is the best company to have come to your home and help you get better organized. Can't find the time to get rid of the clutter or just don't know how to organize, the owner Essence is perfect for the job. She has helped tremendously! Highly recommended!!

Yvonne-Raleigh, North Carolina

"Essence was great"

Every homeowner can agree that a cluttered household can lead to a cluttered lifestyle. We had a cluttered lifestyle that was revamped within a month. With the assistance of Essence of Organizing, LLC., we successfully decluttered our home and organized it before the hectic holidays, Essence brought a professional, positive attitude every time she arrived. No matter how big, heavy or difficult the task may have seemed, she was eager to take on any project with a positive attitude. Essence provided suggestions that was needed to declutter and organize each room. She was well trusted and reliable in handling our most delicate possessions. Overall our experience with Essence was GREAT! We recommend her business to anyone who is looking to revamp and organize their life! Five out of Five STARS!

Aaron and Anisha- Durham, North Carolina

"Essence and her husband were very considerate"

We worked with Essence and her husband a few months ago to help clean out our grandparents home. When we started the project our grandmother was still with us and it was a hope of hers, and our hope as well, to see her home decluttered, organized and in a sense brought back to life. Unfortunately we lost our grandmother shortly before we were to start the actual cleaning process, but Essence and her husband were very, very, considerate of our situation and what we were going through (we had just lost our grandfather a short time before our grandmother so the decluttering become that much more emotional than what we had originally anticipated. It was our original hope to do this to help our grandmother be able to see her home in a organized condition again, not to organize what has been left and entrusted to us). Also we want to mention that our dad, who had lived with our grandparents for the last several years, was still living in the home and had many rooms with items that needed to be decluttered and organized along with the rooms we were working on for our grandparents. With each room, and with many minds, feelings and emotions to consider they worked with us to keep what was important, discard what was no longer needed, and organize what was left. They talked to us about how to keep photos and or videos of memorable items that we wanted to keep but didn't have room for, and even captured some of the photos and videos for us. They gave us the time we needed to process all that was happening but kept us on schedule with out work. They quickly picked up on our areas of struggle (we are an EXTREMELY sentimental family) and encouraged us to keep focus on our goal and not to hold on to too many things that weren't necessarily needed. When we started the project we anticipated only being able to declutter 2 rooms but by the time we ended we had moved through a total of 5 rooms, which was no small task. I also want to mention that each time they had a session with us they were traveling over an hour to our community, and not many others were willing to do that for us (we live in a very rural area). We would 100% recommend Essence and her husband to anyone looking at tackling a big decluttering/organizing project but lacking the ability to know where to begin. We are so very thankful for their assistance and guidance.

Cassie and Jessica- Ramseur, North Carolina