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Trust The Process

Hello, friends! Welcome back to another post with your favorite organizers Essence and Kemart Grey.

Today we want to inspire you to keep pulling yourself forward because your journey starts with you.

Here are some things we have had to learn along the way.

Trust the process: When tidying up got easier every day, we knew we had learned to trust the process.

Learn to detach: This might not be easy, but learning to detach yourself from things that you once liked or needed is just part of the process. Make it a habit to search your home for items that you no longer like or need, get rid of them through donations or trash, and trust the process.

Organize and reorganize: The organized doesn't always stay organized and neat, so we reorganize until it becomes muscle memory.

A place of its own: We have made a habit of finding the perfect place for the things we own.

Put it back: Don't just put it back, but put it back the way it was or better.

As you embark on your journey, remember that trust is the compass that guides you through life’s twists and turns. When the path seems steep and uncertain, hold onto the belief that every step counts. Just like my wife and I climbing that mountain, you too can conquer challenges by trusting the process.

So, take a deep breath, move with determination, and watch the sunset illuminate your path. The summit awaits, and with each sunrise, you’re one step closer.

Keep believing, keep climbing, and keep trusting the process.

With warmth and encouragement,

Essence of Organizing

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